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Karis Treatment Center
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We at Karis Treatment Center provide our clients with a wide range of services that assist them with mental health conditions that they may be afflicted with. These are the following services we are offering for our telepsychiatry in Maryland:

Mental Health Treatment

Our main service is providing remote mental health treatment for the people that are in need of support and assistance. We always aim to give you the best possible service, so let us know how we can help out.

Substance Use Disorder, Addiction Treatment, Integrated Substance Use Disorder

We provide a wide-range of service that offers treatment to mental health conditions that the patient may struggle with, such as Substance Use Disorder and more.

Patient Education

We provide valuable education to patients about their condition and what they can do to manage their health condition.

Psychiatric Evaluations

In order to fully assist our clients with their mental health conditions, we conduct psychiatric evaluations remotely. Through this, we will be able to determine the kind of treatment the client will need.

Therapy (Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy)

We provide our clients with remote therapy services to meet their various needs at home. Our staff provides different types of therapy methods to cater to the preferences of the individual that we serve.


A screening is a type of exam that clients take to help determine if they have a mental health condition that needs to be addressed.


For assessment of the client’s current condition, our staff members can help you remotely. We are fully equipped to provide you with the results that you need.

Medication Evaluation and Management

Our staff members will evaluate the medication that you will need to take and determine their effectiveness.

Case Management

We help your primary care provider by coordinating with them in order to reach the best outcome for your care.

Family Education and Support

We provide valuable information to the patient’s family members to ensure that they are able to receive high-quality care at home.

Anger Management

Our staff members are here to provide different ways to help our clients in managing their temper and anger.

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